Supplier of the month: Cove Honey Bees

On July 11, 2018

Without the bees, we would not have the fruit all our customers love so much. Every year, we buy in 100,00 bumble bees and 10,000 mason bees to pollinate:

  • 10 million strawberry flowers
  • 20 million blueberry flowers
  • 1.6 million raspberry flowers
  • 0.5 million cherry flowers.

This month, Cove Honey Bees is our supplier of the month. Brian doesn’t only help all of us with his bees but also bakes fantastic bread which is available in our Shop.

Cove Honey Bees was set up in Spring 2014 with just one colony of bees.  Today, Brian has over 50 hives and 98% of the bees are bred by Cove Honey Bees, which is something to be proud of!

In 2017, Cove Honey Bees focused on crop pollination for Castleton Fruit Farm in Fourdon, Laurencekirk rather than just producing honey. The bees love the 40 acres of cherry blossom in early spring: this gives them a huge boost after winter as food stores are low and this allows them to build up ready for the blueberry pollination, as well as raspberries and strawberries!

Last year, Cove Honey Bees’ own recipe banana bread made with their own honey became very popular and is now enjoyed by customers across Aberdeenshire.

Make sure to pick some of this delicious bread when you are visiting Castleton Farm Shop & Cafe!

Meet the Supplier Event

On Sunday, July 22nd Brian and his bees will be at Castleton Farm Shop & Cafe with honey, bread and child- friendly, safe and educational exhibit about the bees (which adults enjoy just as much),  so make sure to come by, check it out and taste the goodness of locally made honey!

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