Making great things happen is all in a day’s work for Pam

On September 8, 2021
If you walked into a careers evening, you’d want to talk to the person offering to make great things happen.

And here she is, our very own Pam Cini whose current job title is In Charge of Making Great Things Happen.
And that is after a decade of making those things happen at Castleton Farm, first as HR manager before moving “down the road” to the farm shop.


This is what has given her a unique view of the business. She knows first hand the opportunities that Castleton can offer and appreciates the experience.
“The most common misconception about Castleton is that we’re just a café, or just a farm, or just a shop.
“While we’re all of those individual things, we are so much more as a whole. And that’s what gives the variety in what I do.
“I’d been at the main farm office for around three years before moving down to the shop. And now I have to admit, I dabble in most roles when it comes to the shop and café.

“It is one of the best places to eat in Aberdeenshire, as well as a great place to find that perfect Scottish food gift.

“There is always something going on around here.”

Making great things happen

Pam’s background is in hospitality, which explains her polished expertise with customers.

However, it hasn’t always been that way.

She admits to once locking Cliff Richard into his Range Rover by mistake after having moved his car.
And she had to ask the entire Bayern Munich football team their names when they were checking in to one of the hotels she worked in.
“I really don’t do football,” she explained. “And I also had to do the same with Rangers. None of them was terribly impressed.”
Fortunately Pam appears to have stayed out of trouble in her time at Castleton.

Although she confesses that a similar look and hairstyle for her and Anna (Mitchell, joint owner of Castleton Farm along with her husband Ross) has nearly got them into trouble.

Apparently both their respective husbands have nearly mistaken the other for their wife, although potentially embarrassing repercussions have so far been avoided.


On a more serious note, Pam had some valuable advice for anyone starting out in the shop or café.
“The best thing about Castleton Farm is definitely the people. And the opportunity to eat as many cakes as you want,” she said.

“Although on second thoughts … that can have its downsides.

“But go with the flow,” she said. “Learn as much as you can and don’t be afraid to tell customers you are new!”
And with that attitude, we know that Pam will be keep on making great things happen.

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