Five ways to enjoy Castleton cherries

On July 24, 2023

The cherries are here! We’re well known for the delicious strawberries and raspberries we grow, but did you know we also grow 66 acres of cherries?

Scotland produces the latest cherries in the northern hemisphere, still picking through to September. We are still producing after the US, Canada and England have all ended their seasons.

At Castleton, we grow five different varieties, including the sweet dark red Sweetheart and the large and glossy carmine-red Kordia.

So here are five different ways to enjoy our cherries…

Picking cherries1. Eat them fresh

Unsurprisingly, the simplest way to enjoy our cherries is to eat them fresh and unadorned. Their sweet and juicy flavour makes them a delicious and healthy snack.

2. Make some damn fine cherry pie

Why not make a classic cherry pie by combining fresh cherries with sugar, cornflour, and an egg, all nestled in a buttery pie crust.

3. Add them to salads

Cherries can give a burst of colour and sweetness to your salads. Toss them into a salad with mixed greens, nuts, cheese and a light vinaigrette for a refreshing summer dish

4. A savoury twist

cherries factAlthough usually associated with sweet dishes and desserts, cherries can also be used in savoury recipes to add a unique twist. Make a refreshing cherry salsa by combining diced fresh cherries with chopped red onions, jalapenos (for some heat), lime juice and a pinch of salt. Try serving it as a topping for grilled chicken, fish or pork.

5. Drink cherries!

Why not try a cherry-infused beverage? You can make cherry-infused water, cherry lemonade, cherry smoothies or even cherry-flavoured cocktails like a classic Manhattan with a splash of cherry liqueur.

With cherries, you really can take your pick. You can buy Castleton cherries in our farm shop as well as through our network of local stockists.

And remember our loyalty card offer, which gets you two punnets for £4.

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