The Castleton Classics Afternoon Tea

On April 18, 2024
At Castleton Farm, every afternoon tea is a journey through flavours, traditions, and local delights. From cultural celebrations to reimagined classics, every themed tea is a celebration of taste and community. Chinese Afternoon Tea Castleton Farm

This year, so far, our customers have enjoyed a Chinese-themed afternoon tea for Chinese New Year and an Easter afternoon tea. Each offering a unique culinary experience tailored to the occasion.


Introducing the Castleton Classics Afternoon Tea: A Taste of Tradition

Building on the success of our themed teas, we’re excited to introduce Castleton Classics. These timeless Castleton favourites are crafted with passion and expertise, paying tribute to the dedicated team members who bring them to life. Castleton Classics Afternoon Tea


A timeless favourite, Macca has been a staple since our opening. Originally Sally’s creation, Chef Charlie’s twist adds mozzarella cheese and a delicious crumb topping, elevating this classic dish to new heights.


Made with steak from Bannerman Butchers, drizzled with peppercorn sauce, what started as a weekend special became an instant hit and a menu mainstay. It’s so popular that many customers don’t even need to glance at the menu—they know Peppy is their go-to choice.

Breaded Haddock

Battered Haddock Castleton Classics Afternoon Tea Our fresh haddock from Stephens of Gourdon is coated in golden breadcrumbs for a satisfyingly simple and delicious meal. Served with tartare sauce featuring our hemp mayonnaise. Another menu mainstay, we’ll let the taste do the talking.


Our Cullen Skink receives endless praise—it’s practically a meal in itself! Originally Sally’s recipe, Chef Charlie adds leek for a delightful twist that keeps it a firm favourite among our customers.

Balmoral Panini

This panini incorporates our famous Peppy sauce with chicken and haggis, creating a mouth-watering delight that pays homage to Scotland’s rich culinary tradition.

Blueberry, Apple & Ginger Chutney

Created by Sally in 2013, this chutney was an instant hit, selling out at its launch at The Taste of Grampian. Since then, we’ve expanded our range using our own berries as a base, ensuring that each jar is bursting with flavour and goodness.

Hemp Oil Mayonnaise

From our 2020 hemp harvest, we’ve crafted our own culinary oil. Now, our Hemp Oil Mayonnaise, used in our café since February 2024, will be available in retail jars from June, allowing customers to enjoy its unique taste and health benefits at home.


Our recipe, dating back to May 2008 and originating from Michelle, our original Baker, has been passed down through the years. Now, Lisa, Leanne, Linda, Heather, and Angela, who have all contributed their baking skill and expertise to Castleton, create our wonderful cake selection. This ensures that each scone strikes the perfect balance of lightness and flavour.

Strawberry Tarts Castleton Classics Strawberry Tart

THE favourite! We make thousands of these every year. We began making our own topping in 2014 when we realised that the standard topping we were buying in didn’t contain any berries! Anna was horrified at this and set about creating our own with berries grown and picked at our farm. We now make and sell the tart glaze in retail bottles and for food service, ensuring that each tart is bursting with the fresh taste of summer.


Our huge meringues, filled with fresh cream and topped with seasonal fruits, are a Castleton favourite, offering a delightful combination of sweetness and lightness that never fails to impress.


An unchanged original recipe that has stood the test of time, our shortbread is a testament to the timeless appeal of simple, buttery goodness.


Our range has evolved over the years with each baker bringing their unique recipes. Classics like Millionaire shortbread, rocky road, peppermint slice and lemon & coconut grace our selection, offering something for every taste and craving.

Leanne’s Tablet

Starting as a waitress in 2008, Leanne’s journey led her to become our Baker for 10 years. Her Tablet recipe is now a top seller in our farm shop, a sweet reminder of the passion and dedication that goes into every dish at Castleton Farm.

Alongside the afternoon tea, you have the option to choose between tea or coffee to accompany your meal, or indulge in a refreshing Castleton fruit smoothie!

Our Castleton Classics Afternoon Tea is more than just a meal—it’s a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the people who make it all possible. Join us as we raise a cuppa to the flavours of the past and the promise of the future, one delicious bite at a time.

This afternoon tea experience will be available from now, throughout the summer season, served daily from 2.30pm priced at £25 per person. To ensure freshness, we kindly request a minimum of 24 hours’ notice when booking. Secure your spot online or give us a call at 01561 321155.

Keep an eye out for our next themed afternoon tea, coming soon after the summer break.

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