Introducing our new hemp oil mayonnaise

On May 28, 2024

Here at Castleton Farm, we’ve been working the land for generations, and now we’re bringing you a wee bit of innovation straight from our fields to your table with our new hemp oil mayonnaise.

It’s made from the finest hemp oil sourced from our own fields, pressed fresh for the perfect nutty flavour. This mayonnaise isn’t just a condiment – it’s a celebration of local produce and a testament to the superior quality that comes from our land.

Good for you, good for the planet

Hemp oil is a bit of a health superstar, hitting the ideal ratio of 3:1 of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, making it a heart-healthy addition to the diet.

It’s vegetarian, gluten-free and – added bonus – it has fewer saturated fatty acids than the UK’s best-selling mayonnaise brand.

And it’s also good for the planet as an environmentally sustainable food crop.  The production of hemp on the farm is carbon-negative, as it absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere during growth than is emitted by the equipment used for harvest, process and transport the crop.

Tasty and versatile

With our hemp oil mayonnaise, your culinary creations are limited only by your imagination.

The rich, nutty-flavoured mayonnaise is produced by carefully blending the hemp oil with Scottish rapeseed oil, to produce an endlessly versatile ingredient with deliciously unusual local flavour.

You can use it to add a delightful and distinctive twist to salads, roasted veg or sandwiches. Or use it as a dip for your raw veggies, a creamy dressing for coleslaw or as a tasty base for sauces.

hemp oil mayo

We’ve been trialling it in our farm shop café, as our “house mayo” and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive – everyone seems to love its unique taste.

We’re launching our hemp oil mayonnaise at Taste of Grampian on 1 June at P&J Live in Aberdeen – come along and have a taste. Or you can sample it in our café now and it will be available from June in the Castleton Farm shop and in our online store.

Join us in savouring the taste of Scotland with every bite. Elevate your meals with Castleton Farm’s hemp oil mayonnaise and experience the difference that local, quality ingredients can make.

Special launch offer

For a limited time only, you can buy our hemp oil and new hemp oil mayonnaise together as a specially priced bundle – only £9 for both (£12 inc delivery).

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